The role models of america

Image of Ardhanarishvara However, in a religious cosmology like Hinduismwhich prominently features female and androgynous deities, some gender transgression is allowed.

The role models of america

In some countries, females are still fighting for fundamental rights. But thanks to reputable media outlets, social media and outspoken activists, atrocities and female-centric issues have seen more of an international stage and a call to action than ever before. In the United States, and other liberal nations, women now have limitless opportunities.

America finally has its first female presidential candidate. Women are leaders in every field from politics to business, sports and in war zones.

Ongoing conversations on the definition of feminism, closing the gender pay gap and other daily inequalities are encouraged and promoted on every social platform. However, due to Capitalistic societies like that of the U. Have highly-curated females, who are lacking in voice and positive contributions to society, become our new role models, simply because we view them more often?

Although she is still under threat by the Taliban, and still only 19, she remains a prominent voice for human rights around the world and has been recognized by the United Nations, President Obama and many others.

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Amal Clooney Amal Clooney. When the seemingly commitment-phobic bachelor who has already dated most of Hollywoodannounced The role models of america he was putting a ring on Amal, women around the world breathed a collective sigh of relief, and admiration.

She made history by becoming the first African American First Lady. But despite her race, she is a woman that all American females can look up to and will undoubtedly be admired by future generations.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Clinton. Previously, she was the first former First Lady to serve in the U. Cabinet as Secretary of State and was a U. Senator, First Lady and lawyer. In a field predominantly filled by men, Amanpour was able to bypass many restrictions placed on the media by the U.

She has reported from major conflict zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan and Somalia. Her career spans more than thirty years, during which she has been a veteran at major outlets like CNN, won numerous awards, hosted her own show and literally changed the face of journalism.

Department of Treasury she also worked at Google, too. We put her on this list because of her book and organization, Lean In, which advocates and aids females to take on more leadership roles in their careers.

She has been referred to by many notable publications and commentators as the best tennis player and American athlete, male or female, of all time. This is indeed a feat, as Williams is an African American in a sport that is historically associated with white, affluent players.

Perhaps, most importantly, she has dealt with criticism of her race, body type and temperament by remaining confident and successful. Or have you seen them on the cover of your favorite magazine? This year, the stunning Ashley Graham made history by landing the cover of the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issuea brand traditionally associated with super-trim supermodels.

Graham also travels to schools to advocate for positive body image and acceptance. Tina Fey Tina Fey. Fey is also publicly outspoken and unapologetic in slaying any remnants of sexism.

Lena Dunham Lena Dunham. Lena Dunham was writing, producing, directing and starring in her now cult-classic and award-winning show, Girls.

She is the most nominated woman and second most-winning woman in Grammy history, while receiving more than other awards for her songs, videos, movie and fashion contributions. Her work has been debated and rehashed by many, including feminist scholars.

The role models of america

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie. She has received numerous awards and humanitarian titles from the United Nations and other organizations, started her own foundation and has given millions to aid those in need, around the globe.

She has also become the poster woman for breast cancer-related issues after choosing to have a double mastectomy and publicly writing about her experience.Jul 02,  · High-profile female executives should save their breath and their advice - Millennial women aren't buying what they're selling.

Only 20% of Gen Y women say that they want to follow in the. Role Models is the comedy that brings new meaning to juvenile delinquency! Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott star as the world's most unlikely mentors.

“Waters is a greater National Treasure than 90 percent of the people who are given ‘Kennedy Center Honors' each December. Unlike those gray eminences of the show-business establishment, Waters doesn't kowtow to .

3 Emma Watson Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire, Watson attended the Dragon School as a child and trained as an actress at the Oxford branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

Kelly Ripa is not the only person at ABC angered by the move of Michael Strahan to Good Morning America, with multiple courses telling Daily Mail Online that Lara Spencer is 'furious' about the news. Home Bridging the green investment gap in Latin America: what role for national development finance institutions?

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