The quest for fast and sustainable speeds

Choosing the Most Sustainable Used Clothing Materials November 14, On my quest to go green, the fast fashion industry has figuratively broken my heart. I have turned to shopping for used clothing as an alternative to buying cheaply made clothing from popular retail stores. Read on to learn about the best materials to choose when shopping for used clothing. Every time I sit down to write about fashion, it feels a little heavy.

The quest for fast and sustainable speeds

Joel Makower Tuesday, January 7, - 2: How a Big Mac becomes sustainable. Can the beef industry collaborate its way to sustainability? For years, the company has been addressing the environmental and social impacts of its supply chain, one ingredient at a time.

Notably missing for now are pork, potatoes and other produce. The land management initiative led the company to commit to source-only palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil by All of its fish worldwide come from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Beef is one of the lead things coming out of that effort. We have internal alignment, support, budget, supplier support and the tactical plan to achieve that aspiration to start buying sustainable beef in Gonzalez-Mendez, senior vice president of global CSR, sustainability and philanthropy, described to me the larger vision: Beyond the greenhouse gas emissions associated with raising cows and producing beef, other major environmental impacts include deforestation and land degradation for cattle grazing or feed; the contamination of water, air and other natural resources; and the energy and natural resources embedded in fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides for grain to feed cattle.

The company has been addressing some public concerns about beef for years. In the late s, for example, it committed not to source beef from the Amazon biome. Temple Grandin, a well-known expert on animal behavior, to develop animal welfare standards for cows, chickens and hogs — as well as a supplier-audit program.

Those standards have been adopted by competitors and the broader retail food industry. To that end, the company recognizes that its future appetite for beef, as it is currently produced, is unsustainable in every sense of the word.

For business reasons alone, it needed to lead the change. The company opened its doors to the EDF staffers, giving them access to confidential information and tours of its operations. The group produced a long list of waste-reduction opportunities that during the s saved the company about million pounds of packaging, with no additional investment.

WWF developed a Supply Risk Assessment, indicating the hotspots and likelihood of threats to the company.

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The effort validated what everyone already intuitively knew: Beef was at the top of the list. Our approach is that if we can create a plan for sustainable beef production, we are at least giving people a choice and reducing the impacts of how beef is produced.

The quest for fast and sustainable speeds

Will it be the be-all, end-all of solving all the environmental challenges? How do we manage that? Suddenly, it was a central part of the equation. It buys finished, frozen patties from about 20 food processing companies globally. Cows and beef may change hands four or five times between farm and finished patties.

They are the beginning of a value chain that includes ranches, dairy farms, cattle stockers, feedlots, beef packers and processors. There are also significant differences in how cows are raised among the major beef-producing regions, such as North America, Brazil, Europe and Australia-New Zealand.

Most cows in the United States are grain fed for part of their lives, for example, while cows in Brazil, Europe and Australia-New Zealand live only on grass, hay and crop silage. Even within the U. The road to sustainable beef would require transforming not just a supply chain, but an industry.

For example, roughly two-thirds of the U. Transforming an industry likely will take more than just one giant burger chain.Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions.

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Physics and aerodynamics affect many sports and help athletes strategize their next moves against their opponents. What your friend needs in order to know how fast you went is your.

speed. To describe speed you have to know two things: 1) the. distance. traveled, and 2) the. time. it took to travel that distance.

To calculate speed, all you have to do is divide distance by time. Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration Lab. Jan 01,  · Fighting Climate Change, One Laundry Load at a Time Experts in the study of fungi are playing a bigger role in improving laundry detergents and, by extension, leading efforts to .

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