The concept of past lives or reincarnation philosophy essay

Plato Source Forms Plato believed that the world was made up of Forms. Forms are not physical, but an abstract concept; they are the characteristics of an object that allow us to know what that object is.

The concept of past lives or reincarnation philosophy essay

It must have started in a previous life. But a new book has stung me into examining that comfy old sofa. Do I really need it? Is it time to chuck it out? Wright has spent much of his literary career trying to construct a scientifically-valid moral philosophy to replace the Baptist faith he lost as a teenager.

Now, in Buddhism, he has finally found it.

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And there is Stephen Batchelor, who spent many years practicing Buddhism in Korea and India, and is now trying to develop a secular Buddhism.

In After Buddhismhe writes: Secular rationalism is simply the core belief he grew up with. I want to address three questions. First, does a naturalistic Buddhism make sense? Second, is reincarnation utterly incredible? Third, does it really matter what we believe about the afterlife?

Firstly, does a naturalistic Buddhism make sense? Can one remove reincarnation without the building of Buddhism collapsing?

Very few people actually do seem to attain Nirvana in the sense of a permanent liberation from the self and from suffering. Either the Buddha was selling us a dud; or the journey to Liberation takes place over many lives; or the dharma only brings us occasional release from suffering, rather than permanent Liberation.

This is not the game the Buddha was playing when he sat under the bodhi tree and refused to move until he was Liberated. This is not the Great Crossing — there is no other side we can realistically hope to reach.

If there is just this one life…maybe just go for it, play the game of this life, this world, attachments and passions and all.

The concept of past lives or reincarnation philosophy essay

Sure, it will hurt, but it will be over soon. It means that bad things happen to good people because life is random.

The universe is not moral, bad people live wonderful lives without punishment, good people live awful lives without reward. This secular Buddhism seems close to the pessimism of late Stoicism — life is tough, the universe is amoral, but wisdom helps us bear it before we die.

Second, is reincarnation a ridiculous belief? How the hell would it work? Why is the human population growing? No need for an elaborate soul-clearing system.

Materialism has its own weird stuff to explain, of course — like how matter becomes conscious. But reincarnation is still a very weird theory. If they were so wise about ethics and psychology, maybe they were right about the metaphysics too.

Some contemporary meditation masters say they remember past lives, such as Sharon Salzberg and Russel Williams. What about scientific evidence? They may retain desires and fears from their previous existence if they drowned, they might retain a fear of water. They tend to forget their previous life by the age of six or so.

Stevenson also suggested birth marks relate to death-wounds from the previous existence.


All rather strange, although some leading Skeptics are quite open to his research. Others, however, suggest Stevenson could be very prone to confirmation bias — he was looking for evidence to support his pre-existing core belief, after all. And why did none of the children recall previous existences as animals?

Finally, does any of this matter? Does it matter what we believe about the afterlife? Certainly, humans have traditionally believed that our beliefs about the afterlife matter.

The Mysteries reduced their death-anxiety by improving their hope for the afterlife — just as psychedelics do, according to recent trials. The belief in posthumous judgement animated medieval culture, inspiring its great cathedrals, its vast economy of penance and indulgence, its constant reminders of death.Past life regression is a technique that employs hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe to be memories of past lives or prior incarnations.

Past life regression sessions typically take place in psychotherapeutic settings, though occasionally practitioners engage within a spiritual or psychic context. One of the mysteries puzzling human mind since the origin of mankind is the concept of “reincarnation” which literally means “to take on the flesh again.”.

when i learned of the past life karmic entanglement that we shared, that she hated me for whatever reason in the past and has retained that animosity to this life, something inside me clicked and I felt liberated from an emotional burden.

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The concept of past lives or reincarnation philosophy essay

1 page. An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of Reincarnation. 1, words. 3 pages. An Analysis of the Karma and Reincarnation in the Himalayan Academy. 2, . The concept of Karma has two major interpretations; the most common approaches are to the idea of reincarnation, particularly in the West where the idea has almost no existence.

In the East, people believe in reincarnation and hold a fatalistic idea of Karma.

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