Technique of video streaming using opnet tools computer science essay

Computer science Abstract Automatic interpretation of Remote sensing images is an essential task in several practical fields. There are several approaches to accomplish this task, one of the most powerful and effective procedure is the use of local features and machine learning techniques to detect items and classify it.

Technique of video streaming using opnet tools computer science essay

Ayaz Qureshi Sindh Univ. Network coding is a useful technique for improvingnetwork throughput and reducing communication delays. This paperprovides a detailed study of network coding and its characteristics and proposes a better model based on the performance results.

Furthermore, we also implement linear-information-flow algorithm in order to analyzethe performance of the proposed network model where the performance criterion is based on the maximum data flow rate.

Technique of video streaming using opnet tools computer science essay

During last few years, the along with the proposed network model. Section III development and evaluation process of technologies is presents simulation results and also provides a growing rapidly for providing an efficient and effective comparative analysis basedon the performance results.

However, in discussion and gives suggestions for the future work. Network coding network throughput and robustness. For this purposewe consumes low processing power and widely improves propose a network model that is implemented using the network throughput and performance Yuan, et al.

Furthermore, based Under network coding scheme, the transmission on our experimental results, we also provide a of data from source to a particular destination may comparative analysis of simple and network coding involve a number of intermediate nodes relay nodes models based where the performance criteria are based and a routing algorithm.

The routing algorithm used in on throughput and communication delays. The main contribution of relay new topic, in Pintothe author has provided a intermediate nodes is to receive signals from the formal analysis of the characteristics of network coding sending node and to translate them into a format using a combination of OPNET Guo, et al.

The author has In order to understand the working of network considered a point-to-point communication in order to coding, let us consider a network scenario see Fig.

Technique of video streaming using opnet tools computer science essay

However, in this work where a sender s1is sending data to the receiver t1, and mostly based on the master thesis Qureshi,we sender s2sendsdata to receiver t2over a network of consider multi-point communication models for our directed links all with the same data rate i.

Additionally, we also consider network delay The scenario contains two streams of information both of as a performance criterion along with the throughput. However, in the which connect the nodes, and directed links. The project same case if a network coding technique is used then the parameters include throughput, delay, and HTTP, FTP bottleneck is overcome with the central Fig.

Holzmann,and email for analyzing the network traffic.

Once the network models are developed and project parameters are assigned, simulation experiments are performed using Discrete Event Simulation DES Salah et al. Furthermore, based on our experimental results, we Fig.

For our superimpose data coming from multiple senders, adding analysis, we consider two network servers: Under network sender to the receiver, three client nodes and two coding scheme, Exclusive-OR is calculated at the network switches. Furthermore, the communication bottleneck link.

The trick is to disambiguate the involves user profiles and applications that are running combined stream at the receivers using additional on client and server nodes. The main goal is to check the information. Network coding implementation methodology and the traffic status throughout these models in order to performance analysis analyze the performance differences between them.

In order to evaluate the performance analysis of network coding and non-network coding communication models, we use the OPNET simulator Guo, et al.

The implementation process is shown below: Each row in Fig. Communication models implementation methodology and multiplication of coding value at output. Network coding process Fig. On the other hand, node R3 is and the timeouts.

The initial node R1 receives data from nodes R2 and R4; therefore, a timeout must be from a single interface and sends the date packets defined so that packets can be streamlined, added, and immediately to other nodes. Similarly, nodesR2 and R4 sent to R5. A similar processtakes place at node R5.The theoretical constructs of picture streaming utilizing OPNET modeller are explained in this paper.

An OPNET theoretical account was used to plan low degree procedure faculties. The package cleavage support allows the theoretical account to be used over several implicit in protocols.

Now in this paper we are theoretically defining how we can create a node model using OPNET which helpful for us in video streaming technique. There are certain processes in OPNET by the help of that we can create a video streamed model.

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OPNET stands for Optimized Network Engineering Tool. The OPNET Modeler is a very powerful tool for the network modeling and simulation. The purpose of the OPNET Modeler is to optimize cost, efficiency, performance, viability . "Optimized Tools", or called Engineering OPNET for short.

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