Strategy business plan difference between race

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Strategy business plan difference between race

Formula 1 As previously discussed in other comparisons, F1 cars are all very different. Sure, some may run with the same power units, gearboxes, brakes and all have the same tyres but the chassis, aerodynamics and numerous other internal parts are unique.


F1 entered a new era in with the introduction of 1. They feature direct fuel injection, rev to 15,rpm and make up the broader power unit, which includes the hybrid system. Each driver gets four of each element and using any more of those results in penalties. Power units are supplied by Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda.

Cars could have up to three exhaust pipes in due to regulation changes to increase the noise levels of the engines. Aero regulations are restricted by height, width and location boundaries. But within this small box of possibilities, teams are free to do what they like.

Downforce is constantly being searched for, to make the cars quicker and also easier to drive. Semi-automatic, seamless shift gearboxes comprise of eight forward gears with ratios selected prior to the season and a reverse.

Each gearbox must last six consecutive events. The steering wheels are very complicated with a considerable number of buttons, dials, thumb wheels, paddles and combinations, as well as a screen display for viewing information and data. Carbonfibre composite brake discs squeezed by a conventional hydraulic calliper are used, helping power the ERS system.

Tyres are supplied by Pirelli, with five slick compounds inan intermediate and an weather compound. See more on the new tyre rules here. Cars weigh kg and the championship-winning Mercedes W06 measures mm long, mm wide and mm high. But while the actual cars are the same, the aero kits are unique depending on the engine supplier.

The calendar will feature 15 rounds and 16 races, due to the double-header in Detroit, with typically a car grid.

strategy business plan difference between race

However, this is increased to 34 cars for the famous Indy The carbonfibre Dallara DW12 chassis is used by the entire field. The cars run 2. The engines are electronic direct fuel injected and rev to 12,rpm, with only four being allowed for full-season entrants per year.

The gearboxes are six-speed, semi-automatic paddle shifts with a reverse gear and Firestone Firehawk tyres are used, with slick and rain treaded compounds.

The inch rims are larger than those used by F1 cars Pirelli currently makes inch wheels with the tyres themselves being 11 front and 15 inches rear wide. Brembo brakes are used, with different numbers of pistons depending on the type of track.

IndyCar races on a wide range of circuits, from ovals to street tracks and permanent facilities. For each of these, the specification of car is different — so the amount of power, the brakes, the aero kits and weight all change.

This is to react to the unique characteristics and demands placed on the cars. So in terms of the latter, on small ovals, street and permanent tracks the weight is kg, while on speedways it is kg excluding the driver.

Development areas include sidepods, engine cover, rear wheel guards, front and rear wing main planes and endplates and Indy rear wing main planes. Meanwhile some components are standard like the nose, mirror housing and roll hoop fairing. Kits are different for small ovals, street and road courses compared to speedways.

Like F1, IndyCar has an overtaking aid — the push-to-pass system. A button on the steering wheel enables drivers to get a boost of speed.

strategy business plan difference between race

They get 10 pushes per race, with the time varying between 15 and 20 seconds. The steering wheels also feature a wide array of buttons and a dash containing information. Refuelling is allowed in IndyCar and pitting is mandatory, with each one lasting between six and 10 seconds.

In F1 there is no refuelling and this makes stops a fair bit quicker. Meanwhile looking at dimensions, the DW12 is mm long, mm wide and mm. This means the cars are larger than F1 machines in all areas, as well as being slightly quicker in low-downforce speedway trim. IndyCar and F1 cars are very different beasts, with different priorities.James 'Whitey' Bulger dead, had been moved to W.

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By Dave Chaffey 06 Dec, Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan for [infographic] The difference between paid, owned and earned media - 5 viewpoints; Amazon’s business strategy, revenue model and culture of metrics: a history I’ve used Amazon as a case.

The difference between a company's strategy and a company's business model is that strategy relates broadly to a company's competitive moves and business approaches while its business model relates to whether the business will earn satisfactory profits.

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Test Strategy vs Test Plan. In any large-scale project, testing is a vital part of the process. The thorough and accurate conducting of testing ensures that the project is up to standards and has no serious flaws.

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