Research papers on asset-liability management

Cato created and maintains the corporate vision. In addition, he directs sponsor interactions, and seeks business opportunities and strategic alliances with other companies and organizations. Cato serves as an advisor on project teams and develops complex strategic development plans and study designs.

Research papers on asset-liability management

Fellowship Programme The Doctoral Programme was one of the major activities of the Institute, initiated almost immediately after its inception, with the objectives of expanding the manpower base for research studies in banking and related areas, fulfilling the educational responsibility of the Institute, and creating a pool of competent and well-trained researchers as a source for future faculty for the Institute.

Research papers on asset-liability management

Consultancy[ edit ] Providing consultancy support to banks and financial institutions has always been one of the key strengths of the Institute.

The focus of our consultancy activities has evolved over time: With the introduction of the financial sector reforms at the initiative of the RBI and the Government of India in the early 90s, there were increasing demands from commercial banks to assist them in Strategic Business Repositioning, Organizational Restructuring, Human Resource Development, Profitability and Productivity Strategies, etc.

The Institute has also successfully handled the HR issues in the recent merger of various banks. Publications[ edit ] The Institute, since its inception inhas been bringing out a variety of publications in the form of books, journals, reports, mimeographs and working papers in tandem with its research and training functions.

Apart from over books, a major segment of the publications consisted of the 14 Programmed Learning Texts on operational banking published in the initial years of the NIBM, specifically to meet the training needs of the new entrants into the banking industry due to its geographic expansion in the 70s.

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A major activity is the regular publication of the following two quarterly journals in English: Journal of Social and Management Sciences: A Leading Refereed Quarterly Journal launched in Presents conceptual and practical viewpoints of both bankers and management educationists launched in In Banking, Asset and Liability Management (often abbreviated ALM) is the practice of managing risks that arise due to mismatches between the assets and liabilities (debts and assets) of the bank.

Asset-Liability-Management (ALM) is a comprehensive and dynamic framework for measuring, monitoring and managing the market risk of a bank. It is the management of balance sheet structure (Asset-Liability) in such a way that the net earnings from interest are maximized within the overall risk-preference (present and future) of the banks.

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How will capital management challenges impact insurers in the short and long term?

This paper, written by a Nobel prize winner, warns against market timing, warns against active management, and generally supports the . Risk Library provides a wide range of Asset Liability Management white papers and analyst reports by leading experts.

Asset liability management is a method by which banks, other financial services companies and corporations will co-ordinate the management of assets and liabilities to mitigate the risk of mismatches.

Every product type available on your balance sheets can be modeled and valued on our OneSumX ALM solution, with cash flows generated on a financial events timeline for further analysis.

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