Reading comprehension action research paper

The research was conducted in two cycles and there were three meetings in every cycle. The data were collected by doing observation, conducting interview, distributing questionaire, and giving reading test pre-test and post-test. The writer used descriptive qualitative technique to analyze the data from the result of observations, interviews, and questionaires. The writer used descriptive quantitative technique to analyze the result of pre-test and post-test.

Reading comprehension action research paper

A set of seven verbal jokes was administered to the participants individually and followed by in-depth semi-structured interview in order to reveal the levels of cognitive and emotional humor comprehension of each joke. The transcribed protocols of the interviews were assessed independently by four experts psychologistswho ranked the interpretation of each joke in according with five levels of cognitive 1.

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Satisfactory level of expert assessments consistency was obtained in both groups of participants, which confirms the suitability of the chosen research methodology for using in both healthy and clinical populations.

The results show incomplete humor comprehension to be common among mentally healthy people. At the same time, it is typical for patients with mental disorders to have a significant decrease in both cognitive and emotional components of humor comprehension.

We also revealed some differences between the subgroups of schizophrenia and affective disorders. Overall, in the clinical group, correlation between cognitive and emotional components of humor comprehension was lower in comparison with correlation between these components in the controls.

Reading comprehension action research paper

We suggest that, in clinical group, the lower correlation may lead to mutual decompensation of cognitive and emotional components while understanding a joke.Reading comprehension through group work activities in an EFL classroom: An action research report understand and internalize the issues when reading texts.

This action research study is a quest for solving the the pre-test appears as Appendix A and the question paper . This action research project studies the effects of using direct fluency instruction on a group of 22 lower performing sixth-grade students in order to increase their reading comprehension.

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the essence of reading active and intentional thinking in which the meaning is constructed through interactions between the test and the reader (Durkin, , see References).

Comprehension: the complex cognitive process involving the intentional interaction between reader and text to . ACTION RESEARCH About The Effect of Module to Enhance Reading Comprehension of Grade II Pupils of Urdaneta Central School Presented to: Presented by: /4(11).

Reading comprehension action research paper

Arts in Education Action Research Papers by an authorized administrator of SOPHIA. For more information, please [email protected] Recommended Citation Blickenstaff, Jennifer; Hallquist, Ellie; and Kopel, Kandi, "The Effects of Reading Strategies in Comprehension for Elementary Age Learners" ().

The Science of Reading Research. G.

My weekends essay on reading book

Reid Lyon and Vinita Chhabra. reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension strategies (NRP, ). Reading proficiency depends on the expert and integrated teaching of these skills so that the reader learns to access print accurately and fluently and to relate what he or she reads to vocabulary.

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