Pest analysis of ific bank ltd

SWOT research is quick study of a small business current position such that it can identify inner strength and weakness and also exterior opportunities and dangers. S trengths Financial stableness and bank or investment company is well capitalized and this has allowed it to perform relatively well with greatest financial network of 25 branches and 37 ATMs in Maldives. Easy transections because of its customers Updated technology as innovator in electronic bank in credit card issuance with a wide network of POS terminal Nations most trusted company with the best transections and strong customer relationship 27 years bank service on the market and well brand in the country Annual report W eaknesses Less variety of employees to deal with their daily transections and customers problems. Limited money providing Difficult to get loans compare with their competitors Maldives is facing scarcity folks dollars these days and almost all of the Expatriate working in Maldives is paid in Rufiyaa.

Pest analysis of ific bank ltd

Trading of F Ex.

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IFIC Treasury has four different desks, which are specialized in their own area to provide best services with respect to pricing, best possible solution for customer requirement and market information. The different Treasury Desks are as follows: Money Market Desk Money market dealers arrange short and medium term funds at most economical terms which are required by the bank aside from customer deposit mobilization efforts.

In stress liquidity condition the desk always manages sufficient fund to provide business needs. The philosophy is to manage and maximize income within certain parameters and limits. Investment desk operates within available investment opportunities in the country and abroad.

The desk keeps an eye on the market movement to reap on every opportunity and to get the best of every penny invested and maximize profit as well as shareholders value. Objective of the desk is to ensure efficient allocation of fund within an acceptable, measurable and defined risk structure.


Regular ALCO meeting is conducted once in month but incase of urgent situation special meeting is arranged. The desk proposes balance sheet strategy to the management.A Pest Analysis Of Hsbc Bank Finance Essay. Print capital requirements, the NPL ratio to loans declined. Liquid market for short term government papers exist, but long term debt instruments need to be developed.

management lower end of the segment is more focused towards saving and small investments after careful analysis. On November 11, Standard bank of Maldives Plc was inaugurated and started commercial procedure as a joint venture bank with 60% stocks held by the Government of the Maldives (including its Businesses and Maldivian Companies) and 40% stocks possessed by International Money Investment Company Limited (later IFIC Bank or investment company Small), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

IFIC Bank Ltd is not furnished with adequate written document related to this report as a first generation private bank in Bangladesh.

Banking System Analysis of IFIC Bank Limited - Assignment Point

Time limitation is also a big factor, which hinders the data collection process. Due to time limitation many aspects could not by discussed in the present study SWOT Analysis of IFIC Bank Limited. IFIC Bank Limited (IFIC) (IFIC Bank Limited) - Bank - Dhaka Stock Exchange.

Set Alert Add IFIC Securities Ltd. IFIC Money transfer (UK) Ltd; Board Members; Mr. Salman F Rahman: Analysis Tools Company Statistics Support and Resistance Stock Screener Market Map Market Cap Advanced Charts LBSL Research Daily Market Reports .

IFIC Bank Ltd. should differentiate its services through adopting the modern facilities and implementing in the branch level.

Pest analysis of ific bank ltd

To deliver quality service top management of this breach should try to mitigate the gap between customer’s expectation and employee’s perception and customer’s convenience should give priority. Consequently IFIC Bank Ltd decided to dispose off its entire shares in the Bank of Maldives and terminate its relations with the Bank with the expiry of the Management Contract on December 31, Bank of Maldives Become Public Limited Company.

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