Palouse ice rink business plan

How long does it take to recover my investment? There are a couple of major factors to take into account and research when deciding whether or not to make the investment: Including the rink in a shopping area or a recreation area for children is a good start, though they are not the only valid options. While the installation of a rink is an attraction in and of itself, it can be greatly enhanced with other compliments such as light, sound and activities, which create an even more spectacular atmosphere.

Palouse ice rink business plan

History[ edit ] Snohomish was founded around [8] by Emory C. It was originally known as Cadyville, [9] and changed its name to Snohomish City in The name Snohomish comes from the name of the dominant local Native American tribe " sdoh-doh-hohbsh ", whose meaning is widely disputed.

One of the first inland cities in the Puget Sound region, Snohomish was built where a planned military road connecting Fort Steilacoom and Fort Bellingham was set to cross the Snohomish River.

The road, proposed in the wake of the Pig Warwas intended to be built far enough inland to be safe from British naval attacks.

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Although the road was never completed, Snohomish quickly became a center of commerce in the expanding region.

It remained so until when the county seat was relocated to the larger, yet much newer neighboring city of Everett, Washington after a controversial and contested county-wide vote. By the city of Snohomish was a prosperous town with a population of 2, 25 businesses and 80 homes.

In First Street was paved with brick.

palouse ice rink business plan

When it was finished, there was a three-day celebration, and for years afterward, the city's residents remained so proud of the street that they washed it every week with a fire hose.

Patric was appointed the town's first librarian inan event that lead to the grand opening of the town's first public library, The Carnegie Library. The fire began when a small blaze in the Palace Cafe on the South side of the street got out of control on Memorial Dayat about four a.

Despite the disaster the town continued to grow and by the population grew to a little over 3, The population would remain relatively stable for the next 40 years.

The Great Depression was not acutely felt in Snohomish because its economy was mostly agrarian with many family farms.

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One of the town's largest employers, Bickford Ford, was founded in by Lawrence Bickford; the dealership flourished in a period when many auto dealerships failed. The s brought Snohomish national notice as the hometown of baseball great Earl Averillthe only Washingtonian in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Averill played from tomostly with the Cleveland Indians. As the Boeing Company fell on hard times, many people were laid off and had to move away to seek other work.

A commonly heard phrase was, "Will the last person out of Seattle please turn off the lights? The plan was not carried out due to lack of funds, and the area remains today as it has through much of its history.

The town's economic malaise continued throughout much of the '70s, with the downtown area given over to mostly bars and small shops.

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In the city adopted a Historic District Ordinance protecting historic buildings and structures from inappropriate alterations and demolitions and encouraging the design of new construction in keeping with the district's historic character.

Larger stores moved away from First Street into newer developments and strip malls that spread out along Second Street and Avenue D. In the Seattle-Snohomish mill was gutted by fire and rebuilt by its owners. In a severe flood struck the area, damaging over homes and killing 3, head of livestockbut the community rallied to support those who were affected.

The s saw renewed vigor in Snohomish when, along with other developments, two 7-Eleven convenience stores and a McDonald's franchise opened during the first part of the decade. InRichard Pryor came to town to film parts of the movie Bustin' Loose.

Snohomish received additional attention from Hollywood in the movie WarGames as the name of the high school from which character David Lightman played by Matthew Broderick hacks into a military computer system. Aroundthe U. Route 2 bypass was completed, allowing traffic which had until then been forced to pass through the town to circumvent the city.

This greatly eased the gridlock which had been a part of everyday life and allowed the city to assume the more peaceful character it has today. In the s, First Street was redeveloped to take advantage of its historic buildings as a tourist attraction.

Its sidewalks were rebuilt and public restrooms added. The city hall and police station were moved away from First Street and a new fire station was built, allowing those historic buildings to be renovated as well. Today, Snohomish is a model of how cities can reinvigorate their business districts by preserving their historic charm.

It has continued to grow, with much of its development spread out along the former Route 2, now known as Bickford Avenue.

palouse ice rink business plan

Snohomish has conscientiously maintained a balance between its regular businesses in modern facilities, serving the local community, and the specialty shops in the town's historic areas, serving visitors.I believe strongly in recreation initiatives (i.e., pool, ice rink, additional playing fields, skate park, dog park, recreation center and Paradise Path).

These help improve the quality of life we enjoy. Ice Harbor Dam Celebrates Ten Years of Saving Salmon Through Successful Spillway, NBC – KNDO, KNDU, July 15, Celebrating a Revolution in Fish Passage, KVEW TV, July 15, Health-care provider eyes Lewiston site, Lewiston Tribune, July 18, aka Palouse Ice Rink Posted by Unknown at PM No comments It’s not big-box stores; it’s the wider war against the internal combustion engine.

Let’s throw the tree hugger/global warming part of the anti-car argument out for a moment and concentrate on the social engineering aspects.


And if the business climate in. Palouse Ice Rink Hotels ( km) Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center Hotels ( km) New St Andrew's College Hotels (0 km). The Glacier Ice Rink is a two-sheet ice arena located in Missoula, is operated by the Missoula Area Youth Hockey Association (MAYHA), a non profit organization whose mission is to "provide recreational opportunities for learning and playing the game of hockey and other ice skating activities for children and adults in our community.".

Palouse Ice Rink Hotels ( km) Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center Hotels ( km) Clearwater Canyon Cellars Hotels ( km).

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