Order winning and order qualifying criteria nike

As for the game, you couldn complain. After 20 minutes I thought we would get mashed, but we grew into the game and at half time everything looked rosy. This time, he was successful on a stolen base attempt, and gave North Pocono its first runner in scoring position. Nelson gave the team a second baserunner after taking a pitch off his forearm, but Notevarp wiggled out of the jam by getting two flyouts to left field.

Order winning and order qualifying criteria nike

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The point-giving must be given based on the main criteria and the sub-criteria. The criteria and sub-criteria are: Freestyle battle is not a routine. Every judge has in mind that a battle is also about adjusting to the opponent, having freedom in your sets and keeping the artistic part of freestyle.

Detail This section goes more in depth in each criterion. It contains detailed explanation of every criteria and its sub-criteria as well as how every criteria relates to every other criteria.

Overall difficulty How difficult in general it is for an average person to do his full performance. This is the most important sub-criterion in the difficulty criterion.

Response in moves A freestyler can respond to various aspects in a battle, such as: Is it a clear response? How many aspects is he responding to? Is he responding to the easiest tricks, or the hardest part of what the opponent does? Does he do the same moves better, equally good or worse?

Considering the style, difficulty, own variation etc. It is important that it is clearto the judge that he respondedto his opponent. How Difficulty relates to every other criteria Allround In allround you sum up the general level of an athlete in every sub-criteria Uppers, Lowers, Sitdowns, Transitions and Acrobatics.

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This means that it is very smart for the athletes to master every style in freestyle football the best way possible. The difficulty judge however, looks at how difficult in general an athletes level is. In this criterion the judge are able to give more credibility to athletes that are very specialized in some styles.

For example, a freestyler showing excellent lowers, poor uppers and poor sitdowns could get a high score in difficulty, but lower score in allround.

And a freestyler who does good uppers, lowers and sitdowns could get a good score in allround, but lower score in difficulty. Originality When you as a difficulty judge see an original move, you should only think of how difficultit most likely is for an average person todothat trick.

You do not give points for the difficulty of creating that trick or the originality. The same goes with variety.

Order winning and order qualifying criteria nike

You are only considering the trick or performance itself and how difficult that is to do. It is therefore wrong as a difficulty-judge to give points for an original trick because it is hard to create new tricks, since the athlete should get enough points from the originality judge for this.

Execution Considering style, cleanness, flow, dynamics: A difficulty judge only takes the difficultyof doing a trick for example clean compared to not clean.

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The difference between clean and not clean does not necessarily have to be that big in difficulty for example an unclean PATW against a very clean patw. This means that as a difficulty judge you only take this small difference into consideration, whereas the execution judge will take this very much into consideration.

The same goes for musicality and battle attitude, i. Control Almost no focus on the control or the mistakes. The difficulty judge should have focus on what the player manages to do and the difficulty of this. It is the sum of the general level in every style, that is to be considered.

There are generally five parts of allround, which are: The fundamental categories of allround in freestyle football are: Both parts do not have to be shown to fulfil the allround-criterion. There are a lot of different variations within sitdowns, but you do not have to show every part to fulfil the allround criterion.

You do not have to show transitions from every basic aspect to another to fulfil the allround criterion. To get recognition for an acrobatic move, it must involve a move with the ball.The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph. Order Qualifiers may not be the major competitive determinants of success but are important in another way.

(Jones, Robinson ) Order Winning Factors are those things which directly and significantly contribute to wining business. NIKE, Inc. based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories .

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Order Winners & Order Qualifiers “Order winner and order qualifier are criteria defined by managers within their operation strategy plan to gain competitive advantage in the market”(Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd Ed.). The firm’s and its customers’ views on order-winning criteria Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Operations & Production Management 17(10) · October with 1, Order Winners in Knowledge Intensive Business Services.

Authors: Ewa Holmberg and Ida Moflag. Tutors: customer decides the criteria. Though, qualifying into the order process is not equal Identification and Categorization of .

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