Help writing a best man speech

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Help writing a best man speech

As craft, dialogue serves several functions in any scene. It plunges us into the moment. It moves the plot forward. As art, good dialogue has as much to do with the sound of music as the meaning of words. Nor is it having characters conveniently dump background information into the story—with quote marks around the words.

Like any craft, mastering good dialogue requires patience and practice, practice, practice. Like any art, no one can teach you, but we can point you in the right direction.

The illusion of speech The first thing to remember is that good dialogue is all illusion. We want to suggest the way people speak, not mimic it. Out of fear or politeness, many people never say what they mean.

Just as often, we may utter just about any remark to keep from looking dumb, discourteous, or disinterested.

Then again, some people say one thing, and mean another.

help writing a best man speech

Other times, words fail us or the wrong ones burble out. As a writer, your job is to turn all this to your own purposes. By understanding how real speech works—with its half-spoken phrases, false starts, interruptions, and misdirection--you can begin to play dialogue like an instrument.

Sometimes your characters may speak without listening, with interesting possibilities for plot. Or maybe someone is enraged, her words saying one thing, but her tone revealing another.

Or another character may barely know what he feels or means, and you might make him inarticulate on purpose. The results can be either comic or tragic. Either way, let your dialogue reveal character and advance the plot. Try to get a feel for the ebb and flow, the rhythm, the counterpoint of speech.

There was a time I actually went around listening in on strangers in restaurants, on buses, and in other public places while I furiously and surreptitiously tried to scribble it down. In private, I reconstructed these bits as well as significant conversations from my own life, figuring out what to keep, what to leave out, and how to rearrange the lines for best effect.

I was also interested in how dialogue reveals emotion, but that's another discussion. In one interview, Eudora Welty described often using overheard dialogue in her novels and stories. You never ate goat?

Please don't say you served goat at this reunion. I wasn't told it was goat I was served," the other person replied.

Raise the bar and make your Best Man speech an Extra-Ordinary Speech from an Ordinary One!

It seems you can do a whole lot of things with overheard dialogue, too. Here's a hopelessly boring example: She laughed suddenly and sharply and went halfway through the door, then turned her head to say coolly: Or can I call you Phil?

Dialogue Tags Dialogue tags tell us who is speaking. They may seem mundane and mechanical, but they require just as much art and craft as any other aspect of dialogue. Often a tag simply identifies the speaker "Mary said" or "he said"but dialogue tags have artful purposes as well.

Here are some things to think about when using them. The reader's eye skips right over it.There is nothing worse than best man speeches that go on too long.

Best Man Speech Workbook

When writing your speech, remember to practice it with a watch to check its length. When writing your speech, remember to practice it with a watch to check its length.

help writing a best man speech

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As a former speechwriter, I’ve studied many speechwriters and many public speakers. By far the best is Abraham Lincoln, and his best speech is the very famous Gettysburg Address — one of the best speeches ever, comparable to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and Hamlet’s soliloquoy.

Here is a collection of classic best man speech jokes and one-liners.

Classic Best Man Speeches

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If it sounds like a conversation you’d hear in the real world, you’ve gone horribly wrong.

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