Bogland an overview

Foynes's role in aviation[ edit ] Seaplanes at Foynes, July During the late s and early s, land-based planes lacked sufficient flying range for Atlantic crossings. Foynes was the last port of call on its eastern shore for seaplanes. Surveying flights for flying boat operations were made by Charles Lindbergh in and a terminal was begun in All of this changed following the construction and opening in of Shannon Airport on flat bogland on the northern bank of the Estuary.

Bogland an overview

Photos Maths Week Maths Week is an all Ireland celebration of Maths and is in partnership with over 50 universities, institute of technology's, colleges, schools, museums, libraries, visitor centres and professional bodies-any group that values maths.

Bogland an overview

Maths Week Ireland promotes awareness, appreciation and understanding of Maths through a wide variety of events and activities. The school was a hive of activity as it participated in national Maths Week. Students got involved in solving puzzles, looking at the logic in maths, entering a maths poster competition, seminars, worships, bingo and more importantly Bogland an overview the fun side of maths. Disclaimer

We would like to thank Ms McManus the maths coordinator for organising the events, Ms Brennan for organising and accompanying the students to the maths quiz, all the maths teachers in St Clare's for what was an exciting week.

Photos Disability Equality Workshop Last week the Transition Year students took part in a disability equality workshop which was ran by Katie Bourke along with Yvonne from Adaptable solutions.

Both women have very different disabilities and both were there to shed light on life with disability and how to help someone who has one. There were many different aspects of the workshop which were enjoyable as they were informative.

Information has been sent out to all schools in Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal and Roscommon. Goodie bags provided by IT Sligo for all entrants and fantastic raffle prizes for teachers who enter teams. Photo Macbeth Workshop On Thursday November 23rd, fifth and sixth year students enjoyed a performance and workshop of the play 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare performed by second year drama students of the I.

Sligo under the direction of their tutor Declan Drohan.

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This is the fifth year the I. Clare's, performing plays that are on the Leaving Certificate curriculum. Thanks once again to Declan and his budding troupe of actors and all those at the Glen's Centre for making it an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

Young Scientist The students under the supervision of Ms McPhelim are very busy working on their young scientist entries. Four enteries will represent the school at the National exhibition in January. The students involved in Young Scientist are Ella S. Ella's project is looking at heather heights in bogland in North Leitrim and how it affects the population of the endangered species Red Grouse.

Aoife and Eabha are looking at the local River Bonnet and investigating Algael growth as an indicator of pollution. Rachel is looking at fracture patients and if there is a correlation with decreased Calcium levels. Chris has designed an augmented reality app that will enhance subjects like history and science etc by bring them to life with 3D models which will bring the learner inside e.

October School Mass We came together as a whole school community to officially open our year and we celebrated mass together on Tuesday the 24th of October. The theme of the mass was where your treasure is there your heart will be and our wonderful music and readings reflected this.

The mass was celebrated by Fr Sexton. The liturgy was greatly enhanced by the music of the school choir accompanied by Ms Beirne and musicians. Thank you to all the students and staff for their participation and every good wish and blessing for the year ahead. The head boy and girl took the opportunity to address the whole school community and Mr Irwin held a whole school assembly to congratulate students on the achievements over the last number of weeks.

Clare's Comprehensive to provide students with an informative talk on Cystic Fibrosis.Page 1 of 9. Seamus Heaney Overview Consider the statements following each heading. Re-examine the relevant poems, and make brief notes or headings, together with relevant quotations, on each theme.

Wintering Out also contains one of Heaney's most important bog poems.

Bogland an overview

In "Tollund Man," Heaney builds upon the image of the bog that he introduces in Door into the Dark 's "Bogland." Heaney was deeply moved by P.V. Glob 's study of the mummified Iron Age bodies found in Jutland 's peat bogs. Overview Just as adults, children can suffer from psychological problems.

These may be considered to be behavioral, mental, emotional or learning disorders. Foynes (/ ˈ f ɔɪ n z /; Irish: Faing) is a village and major port in County Limerick in the midwest of Ireland, located at the edge of hilly land on the southern bank of the Shannon population of the town was as of the census.

In part, “Bogland” illustrates the poet’s quest to break free from artistic conventions and traditions. Historically, poets have struggled with the need to create their own identities as. FOI-RSE Titel Afrikanska Unionens insatser i Komorerna - MAES och Operation Democracy Title The African Union’s Operations in the Comoros – MAES.

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