A description of my daily activities in the diary

You can use Excel to generate daily activity task logs.

A description of my daily activities in the diary

Thursday, January 19, How to use monthly or weekly AND daily planners at the same time My friend RoriRants tweeted a question recently to paraphrase: I used a weekly planner and daily diary at the same time for most of last year.

This year so far I'm using a monthly planner instead of the weekly, and still using a daily. Here's how I do it: In the weekly or monthly planner, I write all my future plans.

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Upcoming appointments, school holidays and activities, my husband's days off from work, travel, birthdays, etc. All future events go in here. I also write my dinner menus for the week so I can plan quick meals on evenings I get home later, and to see past meals for ideas or to see when I'm getting too repetitive with the meals.

In the daily, I write everything that happens today. Today's appointments, cute things my kids did and said, the weather, my list of things I need to do today, things I did today that weren't on the list like phone calls and emails.

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This creates an excellent record of what I did and when. Using the monthly or weekly for planning and the daily for recording minimizes redundancy, and allows me to use each format for what it's good at. You can see more details on how I use my daily diary hereand how I used my weekly planner along with it here.

Those of you who use a daily planner and also a monthly or weekly planner, how do you do it? What do you write in each planner?My Daily Routine (An Example of How to Find Work-Life Balance) The following is a sample from Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine.

If you’re having trouble coming up with your daily routine, then I recommend this book to help you get started. Daily Activities at Home. What are some of the daily activities that you do at home? I wake up at 7am every morning.

I press the snooze button five times every morning before I turn off the alarm and get up. I have a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I usually read the newspaper while I have barnweddingvt.com children like to have a shower after they have breakfast but I like to have a shower. Explain to Social Security How Your Disability Affects Your Daily Activities.

A description of my daily activities in the diary

Also be sure to mention your difficulties with daily activities to your doctor, What is particularly revealing to Social Security is a change in which social activities previously of interest to you are no longer, and what symptoms you have that prevent your.

My Physical Activity Diary Day _____ Day of week.

A description of my daily activities in the diary

Time of Day. Description of Activity (Type and Intensity Level) Duration. Oct 10,  · Creating daily activity logs through MS Excel For each activity or task that you log, you need enter only a category, a brief description and an ending time.

The spreadsheet automatically calculates starting time, activity interval, and total daily time. Daily routine activities: get up, have breakfast, brush your / my teeth, have a wash, have lunch / dinner / tea, go to school, do your / my homework, get home, play computer games, read a book, go to bed.

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